The collection

Fascinating New Guinea

The private collection of Dr. Weiglein consists of about 800 objects – among them numerous world-class top objects – and represents all cultural regions of Papua New Guinea. The exhibits were collected by Dr. Weiglein during more than 200 journeys to Papua New Guinea from 1979 to the present.

The aim of the exhibition is to preserve these unique testimonies of art and everyday life, to evaluate them scientifically and to present them in a way that can be experienced by the senses.

The Papua Museum wants to enable the direct encounter with original objects of a Stone Age culture and thus create a basis for an intercultural balance and comparison. The exhibits are intended to provide an understanding of one of Oceania’s most fascinating cultures, which in many places is still intact today. Papua New Guinea is unique in many ways: the world’s second largest island has the greatest biodiversity in flora and fauna, and the 700 native languages spoken reflect its distinct cultural diversity. Papua New Guinea is a living museum!

Our goal is to realize an outstanding exhibition about Papua New Guinea, with national and international impact.

Recommended reading

In 2022, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Germany has published the anthology Indonesian Cultural Heritage in Germany: A Reflection of More than 70 Years of Diplomatic Relations.

The Papua Museum and its collection are also presented on 16 pages. It starts on page 167. You can download the entire book as a pdf file here.

You would like to visit the museum?

A visit to the museum is possible only for groups and only on request. Each visit including 1-hour guided tour.